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New in 2015, we started a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) at Charlann Farms.  It was both a success and a learning experience so we are striving to make it bigger and better each year!


Customers have the opportunity to purchase a share or half share through our CSA program. In doing so, you will receive a box of produce (approximately 10 items) every week or every other week for pickup at our roadstand.  


Participating in our CSA program gives you a unique opportunity to support our farm. By purchasing a share upfront, you are helping a local farm's cash flow. The money upfront is used for the expenses and work that is needed to grow a variety of delicious vegetables.  


In addition, we will harvest extra produce on pickup days to ensure that CSA members have the opportunity to enjoy what we are currently growing. This helps prevent you from visiting at our roadstand or a local farmers market and us possibly being sold out of an item you may have wanted that day. 


With that said, there are no guarantees with the CSA. You are participating directly in the risk that we as farmers take every growing season. We will do our best to provide a variety of delicious vegetables each and every week.  However, mother nature has the final say. Certain weeks there may be shortages of certain crops and an overabundance of others depending on the weather and what's in season.


The majority of the produce we provide our CSA members we grow ourselves.  However, we have partnered with numerous other local farms to provide fresh fruit and other specialty items to our CSA members. We want our boxes to contain a balanced and delicious variety of local products for the best experience possible.  Please find 2022 CSA registration information below:  






CSA Full Share  - $650(18 weeks)

CSA Half Share  - $400 (9 weeks)

*Discounts are offered for early sign up and refer a friend! See application for details!


Pickup Day is Wednesday 12:00 to 6:00 p.m


If you are interested in our CSA you can email us at:


OR download the application form by clicking the word document below.  You can also pay online using paypal.



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