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Charlann  noun |char-lann|


1 A combination of names from the founders generations before us, Charles and Ann Stewart to form the name of their farm: Charlann Farms.


2  A tractor driving, tomato growing, corn picking, pumpkin chunking, grain harvesting, farmers market  attending, down home true to their roots family farm that was local before local was cool.  A dying breed.  A conservation minded, soil managing, sustainable farm.  Fresh and homegrown in good old Bucks County, Pennsylvania.



We are a 6th generation family owned and operated farm. Our farm officially began in 1929 as a dairy.  The cows were later sold and our grandparents began growing and selling vegetables.  The combination of their two names (Charles and Ann) were used to form "Charlann Farms."  As years passed the farm was taken over by their son (Samuel "Cookie" Stewart), later growing crops for Campbell Soup, local stores and the Trenton Farmer's Market.  He operated the farm for many years with help from his six children (Sam Jr, Ken, Hodie, Gary, Cindy and Debbie) until he passed away in 2004.


Currently the farm is primarily operated by Sam Stewart Jr who has been involved with the farm his entire life. Sam and nephew Tim grow vegetables and grain crops throughout Lower Makefield Township with the help of other family and friends.  Tim grew up on the farm, shadowing his grandfather from an early age and returned to the farm after pursuing a degree in Agriculture from Penn State University. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to survive on farm income alone especially as a small, family operation.  Therefore, Sam Jr's siblings have had to pursue other careers besides the farm to support their families.  Thankfully, Sam's siblings and some other nieces and nephews still chip in throughout the season when they can simply for the satisfaction of keeping the family farm going.

Charlann Farms grows fruit and vegetable crops to sell at our retail farm market roadstand and local farmers markets.  We have recently started a CSA (community supported agriculture) to offer another a unique way for our customers to purchase delicious produce while supporting their local farms.  In addition, we grow some wholesale crops that local supermarkets purchase and sell in their stores.  Our main wholesale crops are our specialities of sweet corn and pumpkins, however we do wholesale some other crops from time to time when we have extra.  Lastly, we grow feed corn and soybeans in fields throughout Bucks County.  Most of our grain products are sold to Perdue and other regional feed mills/ grain elevators in PA and NJ to provide feed for livestock and other products throughout the region.


There is an old saying that goes: "Once you get dirt in your boots, you never really get it out."  This holds so true for our family as everyday brings new challenges and sometimes we question why we keep doing it.  However, we keep pushing forward because it's all we know how to do.


For more information about our farm, where to find us, or how to purchase our produce, click the menu links at the top of each page.  We want to personally thank each and everyone of you for your business.  We look forward to seeing you soon at our roadstand farm market store or at one of the local farmers markets we attend.  Check back here for updates, specials and coupons throughout the season.  


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