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planting into green cover crop



In addition to produce, we also grow a large amount of grain crops, mostly feed corn and soybeans.  Grain crops are important to our operation for a number of reasons. First, it helps to diversify our cropping operation.  On the farms where we grow our vegetable crops, we have a large enough base to rotate in corn and soybeans for a number of years before putting specialty crops back into the same areas of the farm.  This is important to our integrated pest management program as it breaks the pest cycles associated with specialty vegetable crops.  This helps to cut down on disease and insect pressure when we grow our vegetable crops.  In addition, grain crops provide an alternate source of income. 

The science and technology that goes into growing crops in the modern world is truly amazing.  Every year we learn more on how to better manage our operation to improve our soil health to continue to grow good crops while limiting our environmental impact.  Recently we have won regional yield contests for corn and soybean crops.  The yield contests are fun for us but more importantly offer a small area where we can experiment and try new things.  The information we gather and learn from trying new things helps make decisions on how to manage our corn/soybean acreage on a larger scale.  Going forward, we will continue to experiment with new technology and farming methods to grow the best crops we can while striving to be good stewards of the land.  We are investing in equipment to implement a more intense crop management program in the future including no-till/minimum tillage practices, cover cropping, precision and variable rate application technology and more. For more information on the methods we use to grow our crops see the "farming methods" link.

We are currently looking to expand our grain operation.  If you or someone you know owns farmland in Bucks County and are looking for a farmer or someone to manage their property, please contact us as we would love the opportunity to discuss options with you.

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